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Horse Training Services

We currently have 2 Openings for Training!


I have been riding and training horses since the year 2000 and have been very successful 
working with young, inexperienced and problem horses, as well as training show horses.

When working with young, inexperienced or problem horses, I use trust building and
partnership training methods that work with the horses physical and mental capabilities.

I have been successful in working with horses for the following: foal halter breaking, manners, trailer loading, lunging, spooky horses, clipping, saddle breaking, ground and respect issues, bucking and rearing problems,  other issues in the saddle, getting a horse ready for its first show and fine tuning an older show horse.

I specialize in training the all around pleasure horse. I believe in setting a strong foundation and building the horse from the ground, up. I like to make a horse versatile, to be able to perform any task set before it, willingly.

I feel that my job is to teach the horse how to use their body to perform what is asked of them.

Full-care board is included when your horse is in training. Training sessions run an average
of 45 min to 1 1/2 hours, six days-a-week (again to your horses ability). Bi-Weekly lessons are included and encouraged in
the training program, so that you may learn along with your horse!

Before your horse comes for training, please ensure that it is physically sound and you have ruled out
any pain or physical problems as this can be a cause for behavioral problems. Unknown physical problems can also interfere with your horses ability to perform what I am teaching.

Also, please make sure hooves are current on trimming and teeth have been floated within the past year, to ensure your horse gets the most out of its time! Horse training, including board is $600 a month.

My schedule does fill up fast during certain times of the year so call  or email early to book your horse for training!




For inquiries/questions, please contact:

Sondra Tody
(419) 266-3517

[email protected]